Far Forest Scrolls Earth on Fire, Ocean of Blood

I’ve been a fan of the Far Forest Scrolls series and Book 4 doesn’t disappoint. It continues the path of young squire (and animal talker) Bellae, considered to be the Chosen One who can save Verngaurd from the deadly cleansing cycle of Na Cearcaill. The series is fantasy, but much more than that. Since I’m not often a fan of the genre, it says a lot that I enjoy these books.

Book 4 begins when Book 3’s battle has ended, and it was assumed peace might prevail. Not so fast, though. Vampires, dragons, guardians and magicians are forced to fight once more.

This book, in my opinion, as a fan, is a bit more brutal than the others, with violent details and a theme of fear, bravery and stress.

In the midst of this, though, are tender moments and elements I’ve come to look forward to, where the author addresses love, grief and all manner of life issues very much relevant today.

As always, these philosophical moments are my favorite. Example: “Do not ever confuse being selfish with looking out for self.” Who doesn’t need to hear that? Also, “Who will grieve the death of my dreams?” Definitely food for thought. There are many more examples which resonate strongly with me, and I assume with most readers. There’s a commentary on battles and the futility of them, too.

A main theme of Book 4 is the fact that Bellae is sent on a quest to retrieve 5 Macht Crystals, believed to put an end to suffering. But can she achieve this mission? There’s a cliffhanger at the end, paving the way for Book 5, which will hopefully be released in the near future.


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