Mysterious Midwest by Adrian Lee

My interest in this book was two-fold: I have been interested and involved in psychic phenomena for many years. And the book is about the Midwest, particularly Minnesota – where I was born.

It was a treat to read about these spirit encounters as told by British psychic and psychic investigator Adrian Lee. Haunted locations in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin are featured, whether they’re hotels, opera houses, banks, homes, graveyards or railroad depots.

Following today’s trend of ghost-hunting, Lee and his team use every tool in their investigations, from a ghost box (which spirits speak through) to EMF and EVP meters, plus thermal imaging cameras, but also their own psychic abilities of sight and sound, which this “old school” spirit hunter appreciates.

The author gives a historical description of each location before beginning the actual investigation. While a bit dry at times, it nevertheless provides a brief background. The encounters are quite believable, and the book also offers addresses for the locations, should amateur ghosthunters choose to see for themselves what spirits manifest in places that are still open to the public. My only question arises from cases where spirits from the 19th century, for example, use words such as “yeah” or “sure.” I’m not sure whether people spoke that way in the 1800s, but it’s a minor detail, and I could be wrong about speech patterns of the time.

It’s well worth a read for those intrigued by the afterlife, and the author has similar books available, as well.


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