Moments Like This – by Anna Gomez and Kristoffer Polaha

Moments Like This reads like the perfect premise for a Hallmark Channel movie – sweet, exciting and deeply romantic. Actually, that’s not a surprise, since it was co-written by Kristoffer Polaha, a popular film and television actor who is often a favorite in Hallmark movies.

He and co-author Anna Gomez give readers a romance set in idyllic Hawaii. It’s like a breath of fresh air, enticing you to relax, unwind and enjoy.

In the story, high-powered venture capitalist “Andie” Matthews collapses during a traumatic work meeting, ending up in the hospital with exhaustion. In a fortunate turn of events, her dear friend Api invites her to take a break from her power career to run Api’s island coffee shop while she’s away. Andie agrees. It’s not exactly the money-making enterprise she’s used to, but something about the island lures her and awakens her creativity.

She quickly makes friends with the staff and meets a mysterious man named Warren. They share a special, unexpected moment on Christmas Eve, leading to many other moments on their way to a blossoming love. But Warren holds a secret. When Andie finds out – will it change everything?

I immediately “cast” Polaha as Warren as I was reading, and it worked beautifully. This is the first pairing of established author Gomez and new but highly-talented writer Polaha, but they promise more books in the future. Readers, I’m sure, will be eagerly awaiting them. And perhaps the Hallmark series will come about , too?


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