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Hustlin’ Hummingbird by Mukon Ngoyi



Don’t let the slightly whimsical title fool you – this is a very detail-oriented yet highly motivational book.  I never plan to be an Uber or Lyft driver.  I’ve only taken one Uber ride in my life.  But I do have curiosity about this ever-growing phenomenon of having a virtual stranger drive you from one location to the next.  And I totally enjoyed the book!

It’s designed, according to author Mukon Ngoyi, as the 1st and only professional training guide for Uber and Lyft drivers.  I would say mission accomplished. The text and photos combine to present info on everything from types of cars to use, insurance and other protection, what to carry with you in your car (sickness bags – did not see that coming yet I should have, and it’s a genius idea!), to interactions between passengers and drivers, and everything needed to establish what can be a $90,000 a year, be your own boss income.

The book should be equally helpful to passengers, too, for its tips on what to do or not do when taking this mode of transportation.  It almost seems like it should be mandatory reading for drivers and passengers alike, to maximize the experience.

If every driver were like the author, they could make a very decent living.  And I’d be calling Uber or Lyft more often!

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