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Take Your Mark, Lead! By Kelly Parker Palace

Take Your Mark, LEAD!  by Kelly Parker Palace

Kelly Parker Palace seems like the perfect person to write a book about being a champion and a leader. She’s been a champion athlete and swim coach, and then became a top figure in the corporate world.

There’s no question she calls on her sports background in writing this book, beginning with a Foreword by Bob Bowman, coach for Olympic legend Michael Phelps. But in the process, she relates how winning – in life, in love, in your career – can apply to anyone.

With advice from top business leaders and champions in the sports world, as well as quotes from General Douglas McArthur, Nelson Mandela, Mark Twain and many others, she motivates the reader to be their best. She reveals top attributes of a champion, recommends books to read, lists resources to follow and gives simple but powerful advice.

Her honesty about her own life is inspirational and motivational, including her experiences on 9/11 and living through (triumphantly) a bout with breast cancer.

Whether you want to break a bad habit, manage pain, set better goals, improve your communication skills, and of course if you want to be the best leader you can be, I highly recommend this book. I took away information I will remember and apply in my own life from now on.


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