For many people, they may best remember Cissy Wellman for her 5 seasons on the classic TV show, “The Waltons.” And while it was a fun and memorable role, there is so much more to her. Of course, there are numerous acting roles (and some dancing ones, too!), including appearances on “Hart to Hart”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Chips”, and many more.

But it’s her personal life that is the main subject of this book, and what a life it’s been! She grew up the “good-natured one” in a show business family. Her mother was a Busby Berkeley dancer, her father was famed director William Wellman (his films include “Wings”, the original “A Star is Born”, “Public Enemy” and “Beau Geste”, to name just a few classics. Family friends included the “Who’s Who” in show business. You’d think with this pedigree, her life has been only sunshine and roses – but that’s not the whole truth, as she details in the book. Cissy often thought she didn’t fit in with the family.

Still, the book is not a sad tale. Far from it – she delightfully tells happy Hollywood stories about some of her experiences with truly the biggest names in show business. It’s a delightful reading experience, and should be included in the reading list of anyone interested in a Hollywood book with a twist – no seedy stories here.

And by the way, this reviewer definitely thinks she deserves that crown she mentions!


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