Markets with Memory by Nima Veiseh


There was a time not very long ago when I were never have expected to be reviewing a book about the cannabis industry. But times have changed – quickly!  Living in California, I’ve noticed how many stores have opened selling cannabis products, since it’s now legal in this state.  I was curious – with all these business locations, is the industry as big as I think it is? What goes into making it a success?

I did a little research and found a book that examines this fast-growing industry. Author Nima Veiseh explores how the market is going from illicit to legal, with billions of dollars of profit as a result. He has clearly done exhaustive research into this subject and writes intelligently. It’s highly detailed and data-based. In fact, I have to admit that I didn’t totally understand all of the material. It’s not because Veiseh writes in a stuffy manner – he makes it easily accessible.

At any rate, even understanding only half of the material, I learned a huge amount. Business leaders and CEOs of other industries would learn so much more. But back to cannabis – entrepreneurs wanting to do more than grow a little “pot” and instead develop a wise and profitable business (perhaps a fortune?) should make this required reading. In fact Part 3 offers information of huge interest. It focuses on types of plants, plus everything to make the best and most successful products: proper light and water, nutrients, whether to grow indoors or outdoors, taste, aroma, soil choices – who knew so much goes into this business?  I do – now.

There’s also a discussion about doctors and the medicinal types of CBD and THC.

Whether it’s having curiosity about this rapidly-growing industry like I had, having a determination to make a success in this arena, or a having the desire to learn more about business principles, I recommend this book to readers.

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