Cruising the Mississippi by Al and Sunny Lockwood

I’ve read other books by these two authors – about their adventures cruising the ocean to exotic places.  This book, about a river cruise journey, had me wondering – would it be as much fun to read, since it’s based on travel in the United States?  But I’ve been curious about river cruising for a bit, and decided to give the book a read.

Oh my! It did not disappoint!  In their usual fashion, they write of their journey like it’s a diary entry to a friend.  They relay sights, sounds, smells, tastes, what they wore, and it’s the next best thing to being right there with them.  They even incorporate costs of many items, but not in a strictly fact-based way – it’s all part of the story, expertly woven in.  Sunny is the main writer but Al chimes in quite often with his own take on the experience, and their photos are clean and crisp and beautiful.

This book, like their others, is a love letter to travel and exploration.  Through their eyes, the reader learns about the journey from New Orleans to Memphis. They took the trip in mid-December and it focused on Holiday Christmas Markets.  They give historical info on each city but it’s just enough without reading like a history book.

Seasoned travelers will enjoy reading this book but those contemplating their first cruise or a trip in this area of the U.S. will enjoy it as well.  I read travel books quite often but these two authors are the only ones who literally cause me to finish reading the book and search for a similar cruise.  I am now very interested in a journey aboard the American Queen, the vessel that carried them along the river.  And they mention, at the book’s conclusion, that they signed up for another river cruise, this one from Minneapolis to St. Louis. It’s Mark-Twain-themed and I can hardly wait to read about it!

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