Adventures in Learning with Malibu Book Series

malibuI rarely talk about projects I’ve been involved with when I post on this blog, so as not to appear biased in any way. But I must share my thoughts on a book series I’ve been pleased to edit and proofread. The 6 books make up the Adventures in Learning with Malibu series and they are aimed at children ages 3 and up (so, pre-K through first grade, primarily).

The motivation behind the books is a real rescue dog named Malibu. Author Candina Ann’s mother rescued Malibu and the author has kept a promise to her late mother to share the pup’s story with as many people as possible. She’s chosen to do this by creating a series that is designed to help teachers and parents to awaken little minds to the basics of learning in a very colorful, easy, and fun way.  The books (such as the one pictured in this post) are very homespun and easy to relate to, and cover learning the alphabet, numbers 1-20, colors, shapes, object names, and  the latest book, number 6, is a 200-page coloring and activity workbook that combines the best of all previous 5 books into a jam-packed learning adventure that also contains new surprises.

With the holidays approaching, and as school starts, if a birthday is approaching, or really, for no particular occasion at all, what a great way to playfully jump-start a child’s education?  And I think that the books could give an extra edge to a child who isn’t old enough to attend school but is still interested in the colorful design, the adorable Malibu (who plays a starring role in the series), and the fun activities.  I think one or all of the books would make a thoughtful gift from a family member or friend.  And no, I don’t make a percentage on books sold — I’m posting this because I believe so strongly in the gentle power the series can have!!

The author is doing book signings – check for locations and get more details on the books at her Facebook page – Malibu’s Place.  There is info on all the books there, too, as well as any updates on activities and upcoming plans for books.

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