The Zodiac Cooks by Penny Thornton

The Zodiac Cooks: Recipes from the Celestial Kitchen of LifeIt’s not a combination that people easily think of – cooking and astrology. In fact, I wondered how an entire book could focus on this. The answer – the topics work very well together, especially in the hands of world-famous astrologer Penny Thornton.

Penny, based primarily in the U.K., has been an astrologer for more than 30 years, with her best-known client having been Princess Diana.  She’s been involved in cooking for many years, too, and her knowledge shines through in this book. She had a regular segment on the Food Network here in the U.S., where she spoke of astrology and cooking. It turns out that since the Middle Ages, there’s been a belief that planets and signs influence not only humans but other living creatures, food, and plants.

The Zodiac Cooks takes readers on an exploration of all 12 signs, with information not only on each sign and their personality traits, but also insight into their behavior in and out of the kitchen, what foods they may like or dislike, what table décor suits them, and what to do or not do in their kitchen. And then there are the recipes — all 130 of them.

It was a joy to read and identify with so much about my sign of Aquarius, and it was equally enlightening to read what my friends in other signs relate to in the culinary world.  And please – don’t just focus on particular signs, because you’ll miss some wonderful recipes throughout.

Some of the ingredients are out-of-the-ordinary – star anise, quail, lavender, elderberry, coriander, and venison, for example. Recipes include a pear and almond tart, ginger cake, white chocolate and raspberry mousse, and Swedish meatballs with dill noodles and lingonberry sauce, plus new takes on more standard fare. A few British favorites are naturally included: Shepherd’s Pie and Yorkshire Pudding, for example. Each recipe sounds delicious, and the photography makes your mouth water in anticipation.

What a perfect birthday or holiday gift for someone who loves cooking, astrology, or both. And what a great way to get insight into, and then prepare a meal for, a special someone in your life! This unique book by such a well-respected astrologer combines two worlds into one fascinating reading and culinary journey.

For more information on Penny, her astrology forecasts, and her book The Zodiac Cooks, visit her website


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