Sex Tells by Darick Spears

Sex Tells

If you’ve read my blog for any bit of time, you’ll know that sexy is not my “normal” genre. But this book was offered to me out of the blue and I decided to give it a try. I put aside my softer, gentler (slightly prudish) side and promised myself not to be offended or shocked.

Well, I didn’t totally succeed there. But I also think I  actually did get the message the author was going for. This is a fast-paced, explicit novel that seems like a simple story of two sex-crazed guys – Ice and Darnel, living the dream of many males – sex with several different and very willing partners.

It is a graphic book, I’ll tell you up front. But dig a little deeper and it’s also a story of the male viewpoint on sexual attraction, the messages we all send out, and the consequences we might have to pay. It’s gritty and fun – definitely representing the attitudes of the young streetwise male. There are many grammatical issues for sure, and the book isn’t exactly “polished”, but maybe in this case, since it’s told from a young male’s perspective, this is excusable – even right. If it were perfect, maybe it would take away from the overall “feel” of the book. It almost seems the target reader should be a very young adult, who can hopefully get the moral of the story about sex from its raunchy side to the possible aftereffects of it.

The author has written other books, including, surprisingly, one called The Diary of a Stay-at-Home Dad (go figure). Read Sex Tells for excitement, but don’t miss the messages along the way. Its shocking ending definitely leaves the door open for a follow-up book and I’ll bet readers will be waiting to find out what happens next

For more information about the author, visit his website, or his Facebook page, darickbooks.



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