Atlantis Explained by Dennis Brooks

atlantisThe “Lost Continent of Atlantis” has been a mysterious topic of conversation and interest for many, many years. Where was it located? What happened to it…and when? Did it really even exist at all?

Author Dennis Brooks has spent the last 20 years seeking answers to these and many more questions, sharing what he’s found in Atlantis Explained, whose curious subtitle is Noah’s Flood and Why Europeans are White.

His massive research reveals some compelling findings, and while he readily admits he doesn’t “solve” the entire Atlantis mystery, he puts forth evidence and theories that are fascinating to read and will perhaps pave the way in the future for other researchers or archaeologists to take the challenge even deeper.

Much of the theories are based on the writings of Greek philosopher Plato, but other seekers of truth, including some archaeologists and geologists from more modern days, form the basis for some conclusions.

It may surprise and excite readers to know that some theories place Atlantis close to home – the area around Florida, to be exact, especially what we now know as Tampa. Miami and Cape Canaveral. Much of North America (long before it was called “North America”) was affected, including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and New Mexico – again, all before any of the states were thought of as the United States, of course. The Gulf of Mexico may have been involved, as well.

Other evidence the author presents ties Atlantis to Noah’s Great Flood, and to the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

If one believes in the whole Atlantis concept (and there’s much reason to do so, it would seem), it’s clear that wherever and whenever, it was an event of massive destruction – earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, possible comet fragments falling to Earth – a chilling picture of what havoc a natural disaster can create.

Some of the writing is quite scientific and deep, with heavy emphasis on Greek mythology. The reader is advised to stay with it, even if it means skimming lightly over any portions that seem confusing, because overall, it’s a fascinating read.

And there really is a valid explanation for a question we have probably never asked – why are most Europeans white? Even if we’ve never thought about it, the answer is intriguing and does tie in to the Atlantis catastrophe. Suspend any disbelief, and just enjoy this book!


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