Operation Angelica/The Vormund/Ames Files by Juliene Lloyd

Product DetailsIt’s impossible to read this book slowly – it’s too full of action and thrills and subplots every bit as fascinating as the main plot.

FBI agent Elizabeth Ashton arrives in Honduras, on a secret (non-sanctioned) mission that she’s doing “for Brian.” It turns out that Brian was her fiancé, killed with several others in a massacre there not long ago. The government gave up on the case, but Elizabeth will not rest until drug lord Hector Vega (the evil brain behind the massacre) is brought to justice, one way or another.

About this time, we also meet Brandon Casey and Mike Van Dellen, who work with a secretive group called Vormund/Ames. When Elizabeth returns home – “mission accomplished” – her world collides with theirs in a most frightening way. Readers may think this thrill ride of a book is over. Actually – it’s just beginning, leading to a special, potentially deadly, project titled Operation Angelica.

To tell more would be to give away delicious secrets, but readers should be advised to buckle up for a never-ending series of twists and high adventure. Elizabeth is a fascinating and strong heroine, and it’s clear by the book’s end that a sequel is planned. It’s good news, indeed, for readers who will be eager to find out more about her and about what new action-filled secret operation she and her co-workers will embark on next.


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