Step It Up – The Quest for Success by Andrew Lawrence

step it upDiscouraged about your career…your relationship…your life? Don’t give up. Instead, reach for a copy of Step It Up – The Quest for Success.

The author promises: “This book is going to motivate you, inspire you, and show you how to Step It Up — and move closer to your goal. Read it. Do it. Live it.” The best part of this is that, instead of it being overblown hype, there really is enough common sense, inspirational, and “get up and go” material to deliver on that promise.

It’s a quick read, in a very conversational tone. In fact, it’s more like an in-person experience with a life coach. Author Andrew Lawrence keeps his advice simple, practical, and completely motivational. He relays two personal experiences, step by step, from first idea to success (with potential failure threatening to derail the whole plan). This willingness to share moments from his life goes a long way toward making the reader feel comfortable with the author.

Another highlight is a feature called “Successful Failures”, with examples of people such as J.K. Rowling, Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, The Beatles and many more, who could have given up because of less than stellar beginnings.  Also included are inspiring quotes, some anonymous and some by highly respected individuals. And there are some simple “Ah…” moments, where the author, in an easily-understood manner, absolutely captures the essence of not letting go of a dream.

All of this, and more, takes place within 45 pages. It’s a short read but a profound one, and it would be hard to imagine any reader who wouldn’t want to make a plan, make a phone call, declare personal feelings, or just plain jump into action at book’s end.



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