The Conversation: Your Guide to Transcendence by Jeff Cannon

Product DetailsA trip to a friend’s home off the coast of Greece turns into much more than a vacation in The Conversation. It brings about a life-changing awareness and transformation, and the author brings readers along on the journey.

After a dinner and enjoyable evening at a local cafe with friends, the author turns in for the night. He experiences a very lucid dream that introduces a masculine presence who identifies himself as Energy. Over the next several nights, Energy and the author have a series of “conversations” that are really more thought-transference than actual verbalization, all involving eye-opening philosophies about such topics as fear, anger, free will, karma and, most importantly, love.

Skeptics or the more serious-minded realists may have a difficult time with the book at timesĀ  since its language may read like riddles: “It is nothing, but it is everything,” or “I came together from nowhere and everywhere.” But for those willing to take a leap of faith and just let the words wash over them, life lessons will emerge from the more simple yet profound revelations within the book’s pages. Author Cannon’s language is beautiful and touching. Not everything will resonate with everyone, but it would be hard to believe that anyone could read through The Conversation and not find some jaw-dropping inspiration that hits home.

The author learns that “your life is temporary. Your existence is not.” He comes to understand that we create our own universe by how we respond to the events in our lives. Whether it’s a deeply metaphysical and spiritual experience or merely a thought-provoking one, this book holds potential for readers to respond, on a deeply personal and satisfying level.

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