Dark of Night by Marios Savva

darkofnightThere’s a certain odd pleasure in enjoying a book while finding yourself looking over your shoulder, jumping at noises, or wanting to make sure there are enough lights on. Dark of Night, by MariosSavva, is one of those books. Even the ominous black and white cover sets the tone for the frightening adventure ahead.

It begins in a car. Jane Simpson is on her way to visit her aunt. She was hitchhiking and a man named Matt offered to give her a ride. But soon, Jane senses something evil is following the car, and even as Matt accelerates to escape it, this dark shadow is able to follow them, then cross the road right in front of the car. “Oh God…this is it,” Jane says. Matt swerves, causing the car to flip over repeatedly. Jane is temporarily knocked unconscious and Matt is injured. However, the accident is the least of their trouble. The shadow that caused the accident now begins to wreak havoc not only on the stranded duo, but on three other people who come to their rescue.

Before the night is over, several people throughout the area will have been brutally and gruesomely massacred, people will go missing, animals will be spooked, and residents will report seeing something akin to a monster in the area.  Is it a large bear? A deranged human? And how can it be stopped? As the story unfolds, we learn that Jane was half dreading this would happen. She’s no stranger to this evil and blames herself, for reasons the reader will come to understand.

Jake Blakewood, who once worked for Scotland Yard, then the FBI, is now the local sheriff in the fairly peaceful area known as Whitesands. He’s seen his share of chaos and crime and was so skilled at investigation that he was  dubbed “Young Sherlock” by the age of 25.  When calls about the accident and reports of other horrific events come streaming in, Jake and his officers are called into action. When they arrive at the scene, Jane warns him that everyone’s in danger. Jake’s partner, an American Indian named Bobby Two Feathers (nickname Chief) agrees. He not only foresees danger but more killings, as well, and claims something “not of this world” is at work.

Believers and skeptics in the town become more convinced this is true as the story progresses, leading to an all-out battle of good vs. evil . The book’s ending is a bit abrupt  but it is the first in a series titled “The Man from the Yard” so one hopes the second installment will pick up where this first story ends.

Get ready for a devilish good time…and keep the lights on!


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