The Non-Stop Lover by Dr. Magnus Sjogren

nonstoploverThe Non-Stop Lover is certainly an attention-grabbing title, though its subtitle quickly explains that this is not a racy, sex-charged story. Instead, The Non-Stop Lover is one of several patients with personality disorders who are seen by the author, Dr. Magnus Sjogren, a respected Swedish psychiatrist.

The doctor says, “there is a thin line between harmony and chaos…” and that the stories he’s about to reveal are of patients who got “lost at sea.” The book chronicles some of his most fascinating cases and is told not in a clinical way, but rather in a way that makes psychiatric patients human, which is of course what they are. The fact that the stories are true makes them all the more chilling and riveting.

Each patient seems very ordinary on the surface. There’s 60-year-old Charles, a postman whose memory causes major problems on the job, but whose sex drive is kicked into overdrive; Sander, a 42-year-old construction worker who became manic and capable of climbing walls; John, a Huntington’s Disease patient with a therapeutic need for speed; 60-year-old Tora who lived in silence until one day something highly unlikely happened, and other patients whose stories are equally as enthralling.

Reading the book gives the feeling that one is secretly getting a glimpse at a world most of us (thankfully) can never even imagine. The brain is a complicated yet captivating topic and this book is is an intriguing and well-written voyage into a world where brains go wrong, and how a psychiatrist attempts to handle them.



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