Simoni’s Gift by Kara Lane

simoni “Welcome to death…” is part of one heck of an opening scene in this short but powerfully inspirational novel by Kara Lane.

Main character Davita learns, as readers do, that she’s dead and this is her introduction to the afterlife. Death, however, is not what the book is about. No – its message is about life and the true purpose of it. Davita is welcomed by a mysterious character named Simoni who is part guardian angel, part wise philosopher, and part afterlife life coach. The topic of life is the key here, and Simoni gives Davita one hour to decide if she wants to stay “dead” or be reborn into a new life, hopefully one with greater sense of purpose and meaning than the one she just left.

In a clever presentation, Simoni’s Gift is 60 pages long, presumably representing each minute of the hour that Davita has to ask any questions about life and come to her decision. She has many questions, as it turns out, such as “Why are some people so unhappy?” and “Why is it so hard to move past our childhood influences as an adult?” Other questions involve why tragedies happen, and why some things in life seem so unfair. Early on, as the mystical Simoni brings forth profound answers, it will become clear to readers that Davita’s questions are very likely their own, too.

Simoni imparts quotes from Shakespeare, Thomas Edison, Michelangelo, Eleanor Roosevelt and more recently, Maya Angelou, all reflecting on life’s true purpose and meaning. She also shares 5 Universal Practices for Personal Evolution, all of which are key components in living to one’s best ability , all while the clock ticks towards Davita’s major decision.

It’s impossible to fully describe the beauty of this book without giving away some of its wisdom, which will resonate with readers long after the book’s end. It’s something that has to be experienced. The ending is a bit abrupt and certainly not as warm and fuzzy or sentimental as one might expect. But this book should be a “must read” for everyone, whether they believe in the afterlife or not. It inspires us all to believe in second chances

Sit quietly and peacefully alone somewhere and savor the experience of Simoni’s Gift , whose wisdom will become a gift to you, as well. Like Davita, your life could be changed forever.



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