Pennies from Heaven…Really!

Product DetailsThe subtitle of this book is “A Widow Shares Her True Story”, and one suspects the telling of it  had a very cleansing effect on author Nancy Northrop Sluzinski. The good news is, it will undoubtedly have the same soothing impact on readers, as well. Those who believe in the other side, the supernatural, and communications from our departed loved ones will find the book further testament to the real possibility that life goes on. Those who are skeptical would do well to suspend cynicism and take a leap of faith, because anyone who is grieving, or knows someone who is grieving, should find great comfort here.

The book is short but the message is strong. Author Nancy Northrop Sluzinski’s beloved husband of 30 years, Richard, passed away four years ago, and as she says, she lost her “best friend and daily conversation partner.” But not long after his passing, just when she may have thought their connection was forever lost, she began having  pennies materialize – indoors, outdoors, anywhere that she would be sure to find them. She is convinced they are a sign of love and support from Richard, and even others in her circle who were tied into Richard’s life or property, began receiving the same penny messages. In the spiritual/psychic field, these are known as apports – physical objects that appear as signs from the other side. Her description of the events is touching and encouraging.  What a wonderful gift this book would be, either for yourself or for someone else who is distraught over the loss of a loved one. This is a little gem –  down-to-Earth in nature but charming and hopeful, as well.


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