Spirited Away by Barbara Deese

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The members of the No Ordinary Women Book Club are at it again in this second in a series of fun mysteries set in fictional Spirit Falls, Minnesota. No worries, though, if this is your first exposure to author Barbara Deese’s writing. You’ll find it easy to fit right in and enjoy her delightful characters.

Two of the No Ordinary Women are longtime friends Robin Bentley, a photo journalist, and Cate Running Wolf, a jewelery designer. They survived one close call while being innocently drawn into a murder investigation, and thought that was the end of their amateur sleuthing.

But when Robin visits her mother at the Meadowpoint Manor senior complex, 96-year-old resident Era Dudley begs her to help find her missing son Winston. Robin can’t help herself – she’s intrigued by the situation and she becomes involved in investigating the mysterious disappearance. Then Era has a heart attack and says she’s  seen Winston after all. Robin and Cate wonder whether the disappearance is all in Era’s mind, or she’s actually seen a ghost of her son.

Author Deese has created a fun and realistic group of characters with a typical Midwestern flair.   Spirited Away blends elements of mystery and suspense with aspects of human interest, exploring cancer survival, mother/daughter relationships, and adjusting to a seniors environment, (especially when Cate’s mom moves into the same facility as Robin’s).

The solution to the mystery of Winston comes as a surprise and by the end of the book, readers will be hoping to spend time with the people of Spirit Falls once again.




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