Learn to Tie a Tie with the Rabbit & the Fox by Sybrina Durant


What a clever idea this is and what a fun little gift for the holidays or a birthday!  It teaches children how to tie the basic and most popular knot that has always been known as the “Four in Hand” type of knot or method. The book can be read to children, and the author even suggests bringing out a couple of old ties and using them as a little family project to demonstrate. Now, granted, not every child is interested in, or needs to know about, tying a tie. But many children will show interest, I’m sure. And the funny thing is that the adults reading it to them might just tuck the information away as a little reminder the next time they have to make a tie knot. The illustrations, by Donna Marie Naval, are amazing. They are so colorful and descriptive.  The story actually is fine as a stand-alone piece whether it’s about tying a tie or not (knot!). It’s a simple tale, about a little rabbit who is trying to escape a fox – and it blends in perfectly with the method for tying a tie. And there’s a little song that goes along with it. Good voice on the singer – the tempo is perhaps a little too fast to follow along with, but it’s certainly another way to entertain a child.  Hopefully this author will do other children’s books on other topics, because the combination or her wording and Ms. Naval’s illustrations is a great one!


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