Investigative Medium – The Awakening by Laine Crosby

Investigative Medium - the Awakening 
Laine Crosby wasn’t planning to talk to dead people. She didn’t know she had abilities as a psychic/medium.

So imagine her surprise when she suddenly felt the experience of being buried alive with a young girl. She saw an evil man lurking nearby. She knew people were looking for the girl, but they were looking in the wrong place. She felt the turmoil and anguish. And then in an instant, she was no longer with the girl. She was with her husband Chris and he was comforting her.

Chris assumed  it was a nightmare. Laine felt that a crime had been committed but convinced herself that telling the police would do no good. She didn’t think they would believe her. She’d never had such an experience before.

About a month later, a television announcement about the body of a 9-year-old girl, Jessica Marie Lunsford, being found in Florida confirmed Laine’s worst suspicions. The little girl had been raped and buried alive. Her body was found not more than 150 feet from her back door.

This was the beginning of a journey into mediumship that continues today and is explained in fascinating detail in Laine Crosby’s first book, Investigative Medium, The Awakening.

Her gifts haven’t frightened her, but to say they took some adjusting to would be putting it mildly. Southern born and bred, from deep in the Bible belt, belief in mediumship didn’t come naturally.  And she’s still suffering guilt that she didn’t report her psychic experience regarding the little Lunsford girl, but she feels that perhaps her psychic connection with her brought her peace, if only for a moment.

Crosby’s abilities flourished when she, her husband Chris and their twins moved to Maryland and took up residence on the site of what was an old plantation area. She quickly became a magnet for spirits looking to tell their stories or to find loved ones.

One spirit in particular is Jannette, a former slave in the mid-1800s.  Jannette is drawn to Laine not only because she is a medium but because Chris looks like the man Jannette truly loved.

Soon there are many spirits seeking the aid of Laine’s line of communication. Though the book is filled with spirits who materialize, it’s not a book of ghost stories.  Instead, it’s a tale of change and of adapting to that change. It’s a very personal journey that Crosby shares with readers.

The only slight problem is that her life has become so full with the addition of spirit encounters and she has so much to tell, there is almost a feeling of too much being told in one book. There are many sections where Jannette’s spirit speaks, as well as her loves, William and Bill. It’s a bit jarring to jump back and forth between all of these stories.

But Crosby handles it well, even using humor on occasions. A spirit wants her to help him get to Gettysburg to see his girlfriend. Crosby tries to explain the Battle of Gettysburg and the many casualties, and then tells him she’ll leave the television on in the basement, turned to the History Channel, because it’s airing a special movie on Gettysburg all month:

“So now I was not just talking to ghosts, but providing them with entertainment also. Why don’t I just pop some corn while I’m at it?” she observes.

Crosby isn’t out to convert people’s thinking. She’s not trying to teach people how to become psychics or mediums. Yet along the way, she does a little of both, as we live her life experiences with her.

Her words toward the closing of the book are most comforting:  “Don’t hesitate to believe for one second that your loved ones are with you now, loving and supporting you, until it is their turn to help you find your way home.”  Thoughts like this make reading the book worthwhile.



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