The Blackmoor Tales by Carol MacAllister

Product DetailsThe Blackmoor Tales is a collection of short stories set in or near a town called Blackmoor. It’s an area where the past, present and future collide and where demons, ghosts and vampires mingle with mortals and ultimately reign supreme.

Think mysterious fog, strange creatures, slimy vines, dangerous waters, vengeful spirits and you have an idea of what inhabits Blackmoor. Author Carol MacAllister gives each story its own tone, some set in the present, some in many years gone by…yet each tale seamlessly weaves its way in and through the menacing little village.

In one story, what began as a feud between two families – the LeBlancs and the Carons – ends with members of a family disappearing one by one, and spirits inside pine trees with long vines, waiting to wreak havoc. Many years later, after much violence, one of the families reclaims the land they feel was rightfully theirs.

Another story involves a woman named Diana who writes romantic horror stories. She needs to get away from her husband and family because she feels she’s not appreciated, so she ends up in a cottage in Blackmoor. At first it seems ideal. Her writer’s inspiration returns and she is soon churning out pages about a handsome vampire named Desmond. But things take a decidedly eerie turn when Diana becomes almost a puppet, with Desmond becoming so lifelike that he takes over Diana’s life, writing the story himself.

A particularly unusual and creepy story finds characters from nursery rhymes luring young girls, then snatching them from the mortal world, never to be seen again.

There’s so much more – from ship wrecks to a man who buys a Blackmoor home intending to remodel, only to find it’s inhabited by zombie-like creatures and ghosts.

The stories are troubling, dark fantasy at its best. Read at your own risk, with the lights on, and savor them. This is ghoulish fun!


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