Modern Disciples Volume 2 by Ian Anderson

Product DetailsIf you haven’t read Modern Disciples Volume 1, don’t start with this book, thinking you’ll catch up. You need to read Volume 1 first in order to understand what is really going on here. Believe me, that book will be a treat. This series, by talented writer Ian Anderson, features characters known as “disciples” who are not Biblical but rather the offspring of gods and goddesses who have mated with a mortal. They possess the characteristics and gifts of their mythological parents and are learning more about them all the time.

If you read Volume 1, you’ll be thrilled to learn that this book further develops the concept of the disciples fighting evil. All the previous characters are back – Armand, Lisa, Angie, Sajaad and most importantly, Ryan and Jane, who are the main focus of Volume 2. Their budding romance from the first book is further developed in this volume.

The book opens with Jane driving down the road, radio blaring and whiskey flowing. She says she buried her father that day, when she is pulled over by the police.  It all seems like a normal enough story…until two wolves appear, attacking one of the officers. Then a giant iron fist comes down from above, attached to a woman made of iron – she’s a Valkyrie, we’re told. Underneath it all there is a beautiful woman – Freya, Queen of the Valkyries and Asgardian Goddess of Women. She also happens to be Jane’s mother. And with this, we’re off and running once again in the world of mythology, with a decidedly modern twist. The disciples in this story use cell phones and send texts!

Trouble is brewing on several fronts, including a major threat involving the Titans. There’s also the matter of a mobster, Andre Wittenburg, who poses a threat. Ryan, the unspoken leader of the disciples, summons the disciples to Las Vegas and after a meeting, decides it’s a good idea for the six to split into teams of two to handle the many tasks of evil-fighting at hand. He and Jane set off together, which is a perfect time for them to explore the possibility of the romantic feelings they had in Volume 1.

If you’re not open to the unusual – to mythology – to sci-fi or fantasy, it will seem difficult to come to terms with some of the elements of the book. We’re talking dwarves, dark elves, fire giants, sea serpents and the like. Somehow in the course of the book, due to the writing talent of Anderson, it all seems not only plausible but entertaining and fun.


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