Online Merchant – 7 Secrets to Make Money Now by Jerome U. Gilmore

Product DetailsIn the opening pages of Online Merchant, author Jerome U. Gilmore states: “My purpose is to show you in the most practical sense the ways to unlock the confusion of the Internet and to lead you into a journey that will increase your cash flow instantly.”

This is a big promise, but Gilmore delivers in terms of simple techniques that can be used. No magic formulas – no instant wealth promises. But down-to-Earth, step-by-step tools are definitely given. A healthy dose of motivation is provided as well, with a quote at each chapter’s end from people like Steve Jobs and Mark Twain.

A personal favorite of mine is the thinking person’s humor behind a Vincent Van Gogh quote: “If you hear a voice within you saying ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

To be fair, some of Gilmore’s advice seems a little too simplistic for savvy Internet users. Suggestions for selling on eBay, or Craigslist, or signing up for affiliate programs seem out of date since most people are well aware of these opportunities by now.

But these tips may still be appropriate for those people (and there are still some out there) who are just now becoming more active on the Internet. This might mean a slightly older audience, but there is an audience, nonetheless.

Other suggestions will be new to readers, though, and it’s likely that even technically advanced readers will find some information of use. Gilmore discusses a money-making element of Amazon that is not generally known, plus ways to sell rights to the use of your photos at certain websites.

Apps are discussed as well as eBook writing. Each money-making idea earns a chapter and each chapter contains links and further information.

The back section of  Online Merchant is reserved for pages featuring websites to visit, more inspirational quotes and insight on free services for small businesses. 

The writing in the book is a little rough around the edges, having almost a “home grown” feel to it. But instead of this being bothersome, it can be interpreted as a series of secret tips from a well-meaning and successful friend.

The book is available in Kindle format. It is a small book in terms of number of pages. But if even a few of the suggestions are helpful (and I’m sure they will be), it is well worthwhile. 



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