Modern Disciples Volume I by Ian Anderson

Product DetailsI’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of the sci-fi/fantasy genre, but I came across this book and it was a truly fun experience.

The “disciples” here are not Biblical in nature. This story is all about mythology – Greek, Norse, Egyptian and so forth, and for the purposes of the story, the term “disciple” refers to a child born with at least one mythological parent (called a “patron”).

Think Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, the Titans, the Furies, cyclops – these are some of the characters in Modern Disciples Volume 1.  

Their modern-day children are all young men and women who carry the bulk of the story, which is actually a good mystery “read”. 

A young man named Ryan Hunter is at the center of the novel.  He is a bit of a drifter, relying on the kindness of strangers, until he receives a mysterious phone call that changes his life.  He’s thought of becoming a bounty hunter and the call promises him hope for that, but actually it brings him into an entirely new realm of existence.

He is given clues and travel provisions and is off on his first adventure. Eventually, he meets up with five other  disciples named Jane, Angie, Sajaad, Armand and Lisa. Together they discover their inherited mythological powers while fighting evil. One such encounter is with a creature called a Nemean alligator. This creature was captured and killed one of its captors before escaping. It now has developed a taste for human blood and must be stopped from killing more people.

Lots of terms are bandied about, such as “spawn” and “ichor”, all having to do with what sets mere mortals apart from disciples and gods.

To author Ian Anderson’s credit, he is an intriguing writer. He must have done extensive research into mythology. The language, the terms, the bloodlines and characteristics of the various mythological gods is amazing and incredibly detailed. Yet the book in no way reads like a textbook. The knowledge he has is woven carefully and easily into the story.

It seems odd to think of gods we read about in school  sitting down with their offspring to discuss powers and challenges, yet somehow it works. The best advice for reading Modern Disciples Volume 1 is to check your reality at the first page, delve into this fantasy with an open mind and sense of adventure and you will be caught up in the storyline.

By the way, for serious fantasy readers, “Volume 1” is only the beginning of a series that now includes Volumes 2 and 3, I found out when perusing Amazon. Should be very exciting news.


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