Benjamin Said… by Ivette Cardoso

Product DetailsI’m not the most technical or trendy, so I just now had my first experience with e-fiction. It was in the “short short” category, which suited me fine.  How wrong could I go with a brief story, I thought?

It turns out a) I like e-material and b) I didn’t go wrong at all with the choice.  It’s a brief romance titled Benjamin Said… by Ivette Cardoso.  I can’t give much away for fear of ruining the overall experience, but in essence, it’s the story of Sophia, a recently divorced Miami woman who finds much more than she could hope for when attending Ash Wednesday services, in the person of a handsome stranger.

The story may be short on words, but it is long on promise, giving the reader hope for finding love.  Author Cardoso has an intriguing command of words and slightly irreverent sense of humor.  She easily conveys the spark of attraction, the idea that we move through life never knowing when something unexpected and fulfilling might find us.

Benjamin Said… was my first reading experience of this author’s work.  I notice that she has written several other stories and I’d like to explore them.  Without knowing anything about her, I could easily see her writing short shorts for a women’s magazine like Woman’s World. I’m a fan of that particular publication’s short romances and that’s the feeling I got when reading this story.

Benjamin Said… left me wanting more — in a good way!


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