The Soulmate Experience by Mali Apple and Joe Dunn

I produce an Internet  radio show for legendary psychic/medium Kenny Kingston and had the pleasure of booking these authors and real-life partners on the show (they were delightful, by the way).  But whether you are deeply into the metaphysical world or not, their book, The Soulmate Experience, is inspiring and motivating.  We’ve all heard the term “soulmate”.  Some lucky people may have found theirs.  But whether you’re searching for your soulmate or want to deepen the connection you have in an existing romantic relationship, the book  is sure to offer some fascinating tips about love.

The book is easy to read and offers practical, thought-provoking  advice.  They explain why finding love is one issue, but keeping it alive is quite another.  In fact, one of the tag lines on the back cover of the book declares, “Create the Love of Your Life – Keep the Life in Your Love.”  And if anyone can help readers achieve this goal, Apple and Dunn can. 

Sections in the book include “Changing Your Mind”, “Loving Your Body”, “Reducing Your Baggage” and “Raising Your Soul Mate Potential.  It’s explained how changing our belief about ourself and our worthiness can make us more open to a relationship.  If you feel attractive, they explain, you attract more interest.  If your beliefs aren’t bringing you what you want, change them, according to the book.  But rather than just say this, the authors give detailed and simple advice on how to achieve the goal.

They cover topics such as why some people avoid being themselves in a relationship…or why they dislike having time alone.  Resentment and fear are also covered in detail. 

Such core beliefs as “I’m not good enough” or “There’s not enough” are dispelled in practical terms. Some of their advice will immediately resonate as being not only easy to implement but also exciting to try.  A few notions might be a bit controversial.  But overall, love definitely flows on each page.  To me — the sooner you read the book, the better, because you can learn to make changes in your current relationship before roadblocks become major obstacles.  And of course if you’ve felt unable to find the love of your life, hope will spring forth after reading the book.

Rarely would I write so glowingly about a book…but in this case, it’s absolutely true and I’m delighted to share this “find” with readers everywhere.

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